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We have the power of creativity and storytelling to build connections, inspire and empower ideas, and design solutions.

Nerdcore Studio is a creative agency based in Baltimore, Maryland. The journey began in 2015. Ned Gonzalez was a freelance graphic designer, but he had a master plan. He wanted to create a space and build a community with his two favorite things: his nerd lifestyle and his creative mind. Five years later, he assembled a small team of nerds with the same nerdy, creative ambition. Now, we are extraordinary nerds who specializes in building your brand and telling your story through multimedia.

We are nerds and we are not afraid to show our nerdy side!


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Neil Gonzalez

He is Ned's twin brother! After years of working for the government, he decided to become a developer and pursue his real passion for game and app development.

Shaun Jackson, The Videographer

Shaun Jackson

A photographer and videographer with a creative eye beyond the lens. His favorite superhero is Batman.

Joe Janeczek, The Video Editor

Joe Janeczek

He is your fun-loving, energetic video editor of the team and a passionate Pokémon trainer. He wants to be the very best!

The Power of Storytelling


A vivid imagination can manifest into colorful stories. You can trust the nerds as we are equipped with the professional tools and experience to create your story.

  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Photo & Video
  • Brand Identity


Every opportunity is an unforgettable moment. Your brand is stamping your impression and bridging a valuable relationship between you and your audience.

  • Storytelling
  • Marketing
  • Advertising


The mind is a powerful tool and education is a valuable teacher. We want to provide opportunites for our community to be prepared for the real world.

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Mentorship
  • Workshops

"I enlisted the services of Nerdcore Studio to help redesign my website. Ned from Nerdcore sat down with me and really listened during our conversations about what I was looking for in my website. Through every step in the process, Nerdcore had made my considerations paramount, while also offering their expertise and insights. I was completely blown away with the final product! I will definitely use their services in the future, as well as recommend them to anyone I know! Bottom line - Nerdcore Studio provides professional and quality work!" - Nate N.

"When I hired Nerdcore Studio to redesign my website, Ned interviewed me to find out my goals and budget for the work. Then he sharpened the branding, navigation, special features, and color scheme. He even tweaked the design to incorporate my ideas. Throughout the process, he provided frequent feedback and showed patience, professionalism, honesty, and kindness. I recommend Nerdcore Studio to set up or revamp your website." - Lori S.

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