Just Your Ordinary Nerds...

We have the power of creativity and storytelling to build connections, inspire and empower ideas, and change the world.

Nerdcore Studio is a collective community of freelancers based in Baltimore, Maryland. We are your extraordinary nerds with the power of creativity to change the world.

The mission of the studio is providing a positive, inclusive culture for artists, designers, and other creative masterminds where they can grow, learn, play, connect, and transform their insight into opportunities. We are bringing the community together, one mold breaker at a time. Even though we are living in a gray, conformable world, we are diverse people with colorful stories and remarkable abilities who should be allowed to express ourselves without rules or boundaries.

We are nerds and we are not afraid to show our nerdy side!


Unleash Your Nerdy Side!

We are not down for the dress code! Snag some sweet swag to represent your nerdy side: shirts, artwork, necklaces, stickers, and more! Contact us for pricing and details.

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Let's Connect!

You got questions? We got answers! Wanna join the crew? Show us what you got! You need a nerd to tackle your project? Contact us via e-mail or our social media!